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Monday, 15 September 2014

And Today Went?

I arrived at my college perfectly on time, which was a strange as I'm usually late for everything... everyone seemed in high spirits and genuinely nice. I got given so many cookies and tortilla chips/crisps. And a subway sandwich, all for free! I even ended up beating a host guy on a fighting game on the Snes and playing Mario Kart 64. Educational! 

However, I do have to go back tomorrow as the induction for my particular course takes place then. The post I saw regarding inductions didn't actually specify different days but at least I got free food! It was actually really nice to even just sit on the train in the morning on the way to somewhere interesting, made me feel so much better to do something for a change. 

Any new updates regarding my work I'm sure I'll post them!

Chosen a path

So after last week's post about indecision I took control regardless of the situation and went for the college course, and I start my induction TODAY.

I feel slightly nervous but not half as much as I thought I would, I think its because I decided (eventually) myself. The only thing now is finding a job to fit in with the night course, not that I really wanted to do a bar job again. But it also means I can't do anymore television jobs... Shame really because it was pretty fun, if a little tiring.

So, I'm leaving for first day. Expect an update later on how it went.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


So it's been another busy week! I've lately got to the point of my working life where I've realized I'm not sure what I want to continue doing, I'n not old enough yet for a midlife crisis but I'm a firm believer in the quarter life crisis! I've gone from working in shops (The most terribly boring thing ever) to working in Bars (Exciting but say goodbye to your social life) to working in television production. Now I know that's a good albeit hard industry to get into, but once again it takes up so much of your time, it doesn't really leave you any spare time. However, that being said with it being a freelance job you do have stints of work then A LOT of free time.

So, like I said, I've come to the point where I'm thinking of doing something else. Being a pretty creative person I've always been drawn to films, stories and games and being someone who has not gone to university or to a college yet I'm starting to think that maybe I should pursue one of those. I've found a course being held locally (in Manchester) that teaches game development, this being a part time diploma course means that I can also work at the same time, however in order to have the time to study I cant continue my television production career path, neither any kind of bar job as both require too much time. And joy to me that means I need to find a day job. Woo. So either an office job or something of that ilk I guess.

The dilemma I've got to is, is it worth going into another career or continue and pursue further my television production career. People study all sorts to get a break into that kind of career and I'm turning it down? Or is it worth my time going to college to find something? I really don't know.

Today I ended up taking the leap and sending an application into a game design course, I'll let you know how it goes!

Anyone else have this sort of thing or any guidance? Even any questions feel free to drop me a message!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scripts and stories

Today marks another day of story writing, another section of my brain forcing its way out. With the help of list making suggested by the wisest person I know (yoga and all round universe master Susan Lancaster, my aunt) I've managed to get in order some things, mainly the ideas that I can progress in my current status; The scripting and story writing. Trying my hand at sci-fi is a little different to be honest, although the idea I have is a great one. Promise. That wasn't sarcasm just to clarify. Seriously make lists they help! Make some schedule of what you can achieve NOW, then you begin to tackle the big things in small increments. Trust me.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Head like a beehive

Does anyone else get it? Too many ideas at once? I feel like I'm getting stuck waist deep in a bog of thought. So many stories, scripts, artwork to be finished, songs and lyrics to be written. I find it so hard to concentrate on one thing at a time, to sit down and really use all my brain for one idea. And, to be honest I don't know if I could, sometimes I feel like maybe I do function best flitting between things keeping my mind guessing with fresh ideas. This does however mean that I don't have to time to really think deeply over plot or content when it comes to stories and lyrics, which can be a problem. Though, when it comes to stories and scripts I find my mind does stew nicely over things while walking and while listening to music, helping scenes and events evolve naturally in my head. I hope that eventually my ideas will come to fruitation and that I will be able to tell my stories in different manners or mediums.

Anyone else get like this? Message me about it! Who knows maybe we could work some ideas!


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Musical Progress

So after the other day's post Rick, Adam and Myself set off again to the musical grindstone. The progress we actually made was to piece together our music for an advertisement for that elusive member that we've been seeking, someone to join us and slave away over a hot bass all day until the perfect musical cake is baked. I'm hungry. I want cake. So, not only did we reorder some of our tracks into a montage kind of order we also set up a bunch of cameras to record us playing, which in turn will be clipped together with the tracks over the top to literally make an advertisement!
On another note we decided to record ourselves on video on the hottest day of the year. In a small room. With lots of amplifiers. So you can imagine how delightfully cool it was. Yeah, sweating all about the place. Adam was so happy to be on film behind the kit.

Over the next week or so we'll not only be putting the video together but also reworking our logo into HD for a nice little animation towards the end of the video, all in all we're particularly excited to get this stuff released! You can follow us on Twitter by clicking here or you can like and follow us on Facebook by clicking here to see the update once its uploaded!


Friday, 25 July 2014


So for any other musician readers you will probably find the same problem as me and my band Arcanist, the lack of Bassists. Or Drummers for that matter, however me being lucky I managed to find two brothers, Richard and Adam Corrie who are both ridiculously talented at their instruments. And not to mention their Dad who has the "go for it" attitude meaning he doesn't mind us playing loud to keep up with the volume of Adam's acoustic drum kit. We've been searching unsuccessfully now for a Bassist for about 6/7 months! And if you've been in that situation you may know that sometimes the engines of writing can come to a halt. I think location is a huge factor when it comes to music, especially living in smaller towns or rural areas like we do, although saying that I've made a point of posting ads as much as I can around Manchester and even online band sites to try and find someone to complete our lineup. During the writing and recording section of music a full band is not always essential, that being said it's still a huge help to have another creative input, however once you get to the performance stage of things its starts to get a little harder, involving playing to various clicks, tracks and click tracks! With all that being said we are still hoping that one day soon the right Bass player will come along, if you or anyone you know is from the area around Manchester in the UK and is particularly skilled at playing please get intouch with us! Even if you'd only like to be a session bassist or even just performance it'd still be great to hear from you. If you're feeling generous you'd could click here and follow us ok Twitter to find out when we find what we're looking for or even like us on Facebook by clicking here. We look forward to sharing our unusual blend of music with you guys!