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Friday, 2 October 2015

Goodbye Thailand. Hello Jordan.

Thailand was great, don't get me wrong. But there were things I didn't like so much, nearly being mugged on my first day in Bangkok (don't worry he didn't get anything as he was a tiny man and I stood my ground), the spiders also, not a fan. However, the islands were beautiful (Thanks Jim Carrey for helping me to always spell that correctly). I met some great people and had some amazing food but now it was time for some history, it was time to head to the Middle East.

Flying from anywhere in Bangkok airport is like any other flight, but getting there from the islands was always interesting. The little island airport didn't have walls, it was just little wooden huts with leaves for a roof, even the baggage conveyor was made of bamboo canes... 

The journey from Bangkok started as ever with an 8 hour wait for my flight which was helped along swiftly by music, I boarded my plane and was ready to go. The flight was fine nothing to note on except the landing where everyone starting standing up and getting their bags from the overhead compartments while still on decent and all the hostesses began shouting for everyone to remain seated (to no avail).

We touched down, I grabbed a quick visa stamp (which if you've read my USA travel blog you may know the trouble that got me into) and was waiting for the taxi arranged by my hostel. I was late. Nice early landing at 5:40am and somehow I was late! Another taxi driver came to meet me instead and drove me from the airport, down highways that were incredibly stereotypical for the Middle East. The driver then stopped. We were sat in the middle of nowhere, sand blowing around and only a run down hut next to the lay by. He grabbed his phone and began a loud conversation sounding very angry. Another taxi came screeching up and I was asked to get out and change cars. At this point I began to feel a little suspicious, the way the media shows the Middle East really sticks in your mind. Eventually I climbed in looking for anything I could use to protect myself in case of any such event. The driver reached to the compartment next to him roughly and pulled out... a kitkat and a mars bar. "Here you must be hungry," he said in a thick accent. "Sorry about the change in taxi, he needed to take his children to school."

I felt guilty for even thinking I was in danger. And this event stayed with me to prove a lot about the people of Jordan.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I need a focus!

If you read my last post you may know that I recently left my job, so now I am currently looking for work! However that being said I am tempted on starting my own business, because at the ripe old ages of 23 I'm already sick of other people being my boss.

My own little Planet

The thing is though that I have no idea what to do! Is it just me who struggles to choose what to put time into? I cant seem to decide which fires need fuel and which are best left to end in cinders. My previous work has led me into Television Production (Foyles War Season 9 & a few days on Vera) which I found to be great fun and would be a good career. Though I enjoy writing my own stories so making just other peoples might not lead me where I want to be in the end! With doing Video Game Design at College it has allowed me to focus on my artistic side doing Digital Art on Photoshop and 3D Art in Maya which I really enjoy but more recently I've started to have doubts in my own work and started asking myself "Am I really good enough to pursue this as a career?". 

 The Canyon Village 

I was starting to think maybe I should be a Graphic Designer so I applied for a job (which unfortunately I didn't get) or maybe I should be self employed doing that kind work. But is that what I want? I had a stint trying to get my own short film made which has come to a halt for numerous reasons, which I had written and made the 3D assets for! 

3D Digital Sculpt

Going from these two things had led me into my College course directly I guess, because with games it means that I could have a direct input into the not only the story, the design but the art side of things too. 

  Landscape design for a Game Concept

So with that I have decided to start working on some games with some friends from College! I've just got to try and focus myself into getting something done.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Well I've missed a few months...

So after months of not writing a post I decided today was the day,

After coming back from my second trip (which you can find out about in my other blog) I had ended up settling down I guess, I felt pretty steady in myself after starting college and in my relationship, which is a good thing! I ended up changing job again to a local bar and restaurant which was going well... until the time came for payday and low and behold I hadn't been paid. Day 1 no pay. Day 5 no pay. Day 15 NO PAY. In a job where you get paid monthly you expect to get paid on time. Especially when you work your arse off over Christmas for your bosses. Not only that but I had been told I didn't fall into the bracket to make the first months pay so ended up having to wait for the month after. Great right? So around 17 days into the 2nd month of employment I finally get paid, and at this point I can't just walk out because I'm already 17 days in hand for next months pay!

So after countless staff chasing their pay (why the hell should you have to chase your own money?) we get promises that this month (month 3) it won't happen and we will get paid on time. I walked in the morning of payday to find all the staff sat around, I looked around at all those unhappy faces and can you guess what the chorus of voices said? Yep. That's right. "No ones been paid." Again. For weeks we all chased our money eventually I received my pay nearly two hundred pounds short.

I've had enough of this sh*t. So with that little gem of a revelation, I got my shizat and I walked away. Weeks flew by with the freedom. It was actually great! However in those weeks that last part of my paycheck never materialized... Seriously! Do you have any idea how hard it is to not write very offensive words in this?! I ended up having to go into the restaurant and get my money in cash from the safe with the help from my friend and coworker!

Now call me old fashioned but not paying your staff is one thing but bills to keep the restaurant open? Well that's another thing. We received countless calls with threats of cancellation of internet and phone line, deliveries refusing to leave until we paid cash and from what I've heard since leaving deliveries will not even bring stock anymore from lack of payment and not to mention council tax hasn't been paid either.

So where was all the money going? Well it turns out the owners have bought another restaurant and are putting all their money into that, funny that isn't it? What kind of f*****g idiot does it take to realize that if you stop paying your staff at your current business, who are making you the f*****g money in the first place they're probably going to walk out. How these people run businesses is beyond me. People in the service industry work long hours, some do Christmas, some do New Years Eve and still not an ounce of thanks is ever received.

So if you're wondering which sh*thouse of a restaurant this is it's "21 Mediterranean Kitchen" in Knutsford in sunny little Cheshire. If you do decide to dine or drink there remember to tip the staff because it's the only way they're going to get paid.

Monday, 15 September 2014

And Today Went?

I arrived at my college perfectly on time, which was a strange as I'm usually late for everything... everyone seemed in high spirits and genuinely nice. I got given so many cookies and tortilla chips/crisps. And a subway sandwich, all for free! I even ended up beating a host guy on a fighting game on the Snes and playing Mario Kart 64. Educational! 

However, I do have to go back tomorrow as the induction for my particular course takes place then. The post I saw regarding inductions didn't actually specify different days but at least I got free food! It was actually really nice to even just sit on the train in the morning on the way to somewhere interesting, made me feel so much better to do something for a change. 

Any new updates regarding my work I'm sure I'll post them!

Chosen a path

So after last week's post about indecision I took control regardless of the situation and went for the college course, and I start my induction TODAY.

I feel slightly nervous but not half as much as I thought I would, I think its because I decided (eventually) myself. The only thing now is finding a job to fit in with the night course, not that I really wanted to do a bar job again. But it also means I can't do anymore television jobs... Shame really because it was pretty fun, if a little tiring.

So, I'm leaving for first day. Expect an update later on how it went.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


So it's been another busy week! I've lately got to the point of my working life where I've realized I'm not sure what I want to continue doing, I'n not old enough yet for a midlife crisis but I'm a firm believer in the quarter life crisis! I've gone from working in shops (The most terribly boring thing ever) to working in Bars (Exciting but say goodbye to your social life) to working in television production. Now I know that's a good albeit hard industry to get into, but once again it takes up so much of your time, it doesn't really leave you any spare time. However, that being said with it being a freelance job you do have stints of work then A LOT of free time.

So, like I said, I've come to the point where I'm thinking of doing something else. Being a pretty creative person I've always been drawn to films, stories and games and being someone who has not gone to university or to a college yet I'm starting to think that maybe I should pursue one of those. I've found a course being held locally (in Manchester) that teaches game development, this being a part time diploma course means that I can also work at the same time, however in order to have the time to study I cant continue my television production career path, neither any kind of bar job as both require too much time. And joy to me that means I need to find a day job. Woo. So either an office job or something of that ilk I guess.

The dilemma I've got to is, is it worth going into another career or continue and pursue further my television production career. People study all sorts to get a break into that kind of career and I'm turning it down? Or is it worth my time going to college to find something? I really don't know.

Today I ended up taking the leap and sending an application into a game design course, I'll let you know how it goes!

Anyone else have this sort of thing or any guidance? Even any questions feel free to drop me a message!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Scripts and stories

Today marks another day of story writing, another section of my brain forcing its way out. With the help of list making suggested by the wisest person I know (yoga and all round universe master Susan Lancaster, my aunt) I've managed to get in order some things, mainly the ideas that I can progress in my current status; The scripting and story writing. Trying my hand at sci-fi is a little different to be honest, although the idea I have is a great one. Promise. That wasn't sarcasm just to clarify. Seriously make lists they help! Make some schedule of what you can achieve NOW, then you begin to tackle the big things in small increments. Trust me.